TOP romantic dinner dishes.

Stuffed conchiglie: do you want to taste a pastry next to your loved one? So, how about checking out this recipe in which the conchiglie is stuffed with cream cheese and bacon and still has a red sauce? The cool thing is that you don’t have to have experience in the kitchen to get a successful result with this dish, which is easy to make and still has a charming presentation.
Pork ribs with chutney: pork ribs are all good, aren’t they? But to make your dinner even more special, the tip is to use an apple chutney as a compliment. Pork combines very well with sweetened items, which can be a great option for a romantic meal.
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Escalope with Madeira Sauce: Filet Mignon and Madeira Sauce combine very well! To improve even more, here, you learn how to make this sauce at home. Thus, your dinner will be healthier and will have a touch of love throughout the preparation!
Chicken fillet with orange: it is not because chicken fillet is a common dish at the table that it needs to be left aside for a special dinner. The secret is in the little touches you can give to make the meat look different! Here, the suggestion is to use an orange sauce made in just a few minutes but makes all the difference in the final taste.
Cassava ravioli: this is a great recipe for those looking for a more sophisticated dish out of the ordinary. Here, the cassava ravioli is stuffed with tofu and still has a creamy sauce of Brazil nuts. The step-by-step may not be the most simple, but the result is so good that all the work is worth it.
Escondido de shimeji: this is a recipe in which the concealer is made with mashed cassava and takes shimeji in the filling. Some tips are given to make your dish tastier, such as making a sauce for the mushroom example. The result is a creamy filling and a crunchy cone.
Risotto with Piedmontese: this is a straightforward risotto recipe that has a creamy texture. Here, arboreal rice is combined with mushrooms, white wine, vegetable broth, onions, fresh cream, parmesan cheese, green scent, and butter. It is a simple dish option, but it is very successful!
Caesar salad: if you want to prepare a dish without error, resorting to classics is a great choice! Caesar salad is famous worldwide, and this does not happen for anything since its taste is incredible. The recipe consists of lettuce, croutons, grated Parmesan cheese, and a special sauce made with mayonnaise, dijon mustard, lemon, garlic, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese.
Salad with raw ham: a salad with a sophisticated touch does not have to be difficult to prepare, and this recipe is proof of that. You can choose between leaves of your choice and add raw ham, chips of pecorino cheese, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and some spices to test at home.
Sweet and sour cucumber salad: also known as sunomono, is a Japanese salad super consumed by the Orientals. It consists of skinny slices of cucumber, salt, rice vinegar, sugar, sesame, sesame oil, salt, and black pepper. The list of ingredients is not very extensive and can still generate a very different salad for you to eat at your next dinner at home.
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Terrine Caprese: this is a terrine recipe that has four different layers. The first of basil and olive oil, the second of mozzarella whey with hydrated gelatin sheet, the third of tomatoes, and the last of gelatin with lemon juice. The step by step is not the simplest, but you will get a charming dish with a special taste.
Cheese souffle: The souffle is a light dish that goes very well on several occasions, right? And this is no different at a romantic dinner! Here, the main ingredient used is fresh goat cheese, giving a touch of sophistication to your evening. Stuffed lizard: do you want to serve a slice of roast meat to eat with your love? This lizard recipe stuffed with bacon and farofa can be the right choice! Combining ingredients results in such an incredible taste that it will be difficult to resist the dish.

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Asparagus with parma ham: if you want to prepare a sophisticated dish and at the same time has a simple step by step, this recipe can be an excellent choice. Here, the asparagus is rolled with parma ham and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt, and pepper. After that, take everything to the oven and wait 5 minutes to serve. Gnocchi with cheese and mushroom: the most common gnocchi is made with potatoes, but in this recipe, you learn how to make a version of the pasta with parsley cassava. Besides, a cream cheese Grana Padano or parmesan with shitake comes on the scene to make your meal even juicier.

`Most of them do not even need monitoring and are very simple and easy to do.

To see the recipe click on the link with the name of each one.

 Frying pan pizza

This recipe is so easy to make and is mouthwatering. The skillet pizza has super crunchy dough and is very quick. Once you have the dough ready and the filling ingredients ready, you have a ready pizza in 5 minutes. Rice pudding with coconut

It’s a very traditional mother’s recipe, a bowl of super creamy rice with a milk and coconut flavor.

Rib on the pressure cooker

This recipe is delicious. It’s a straightforward dish. The rib is cooked in its own fat, no water, just 3-4 ingredients.

I researched and found two ways to prepare, one more delicious than the other: D.

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