The 5 restaurants you should visit on your trip to Rome.

Italian Gelato Kiosk

Location: Pavilion of Italy (World Showcase)

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It’s like the crepe kiosk in the French pavilion, but with a slightly lower level of disappointment. You expect the flag of Italy to deliver the ice cream, right? But in this case, he didn’t meet my expectations. Point for the pavilion in France, which did much better in terms of ice cream.

La Cava del Tequila

Location: Mexico Pavilion (World Showcase)

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Here the focus is not food but drink. Some of the most interesting and different drinks (also stronger) you will find at La Cava del Tequila in a very pleasant environment. It doesn’t fit all travel styles, but it’s a cool place for those on a more adult trip!

Margarita Choza

Location: Mexico Pavilion (World Showcase)

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Mexican drinks are so successful that there is even another kiosk specializing in the pavilion, focusing on Margaritas of various types and varieties. There’s also beer and an occasional snack option (guacamole, empanadas, and tacos), but I’ve never tried these. If it’s for eating, I prefer to go to La Cantina de San Angel, right across the street.

Refreshment Port

Location: Showcase Plaza

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You usually think you’ll only find boring stuff at these kiosks before you enter the World Showcase anyway, but it’s in the Refreshment Port that you’ll find Cronut. Don’t know? It is candy from a mixture of Donut and Croissant and is already a hit in the US. Mixing two such good things couldn’t be bad, right? I couldn’t get thin either, but that’s another 500. During the holidays, enjoy these Disney treats!

Cronut: croissant and donut mix!

Japan Pavilion Store

Location: Japan Pavilion (World Showcase)

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It’s not exactly a place for you to eat snacks, but it’s worth remembering here because, at the end of this one of Disney’s most interesting stores, you’ll find an area dedicated to Japanese sweets and snacks. Even if you don’t want to eat right away, you might want a sweet to take away!

Funnel Cake Kiosk

Location: USA Pavilion (World Showcase)

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Watch out! I’ve already mentioned the wonders of Funnel Cake at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, but here it is a total trap! There is a kiosk that sells this candy in the US pavilion, but the place is super small, and that’s why they don’t let the candy drain properly. Result: expect a much oilier Funnel Cake without the strawberry icing to top it off. It even has one or another option of cool cover but is not worth it on top of an oily funnel cake. Other than that, the strawberry topping is unbeatable; there’s no way!

Conclusion about Epcot

It is the best and most complete park when it comes to food. There is a LOT of good stuff for all tastes and budgets, and trying a little food here, and there is already part of the experience of visiting this park, so enjoy!

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