Piazza Duomo, one of the best Italian restaurants

In the center of Rome, the Da Cesare restaurant offers a Tuscan oasis. The specialties of this region are combined with other Italian classics cooked traditionally, and the Michelin plate that this 2017 boasts ensures its worth.

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It is becoming increasingly difficult to find interesting and quality gastronomic proposals in a city as large and touristic as Rome, the Italian capital. Eating has become for many a formality and the tasting of good food, distinctive dishes, is in the background before an overwhelming offer where homogeneity rules. However, there are not a few restaurants that resist this trend. Houses like Da Cesare, standing since 1965, seek just the opposite.

The distinction begins with something so simple, basic, like the ingredients used every day in the kitchen. To cook, they claim, they only use extra virgin olive oil. For frying, to give them a differentiated character selected extra peanut oil. The Parmigiano Reggiano offered in this space is made by one of the most renowned artisans in the country, and the pizzas, for example, are only presented with real, genuine mozzarella, totally different removed from the industrialized ones.

Da CesareAnd it continues with the authenticity of the flavors. They frontally reject the deformation and denaturing of the most essential and pure flavors without renouncing creativity and new culinary techniques. That is why they specify their proposal in dishes with easily recognizable organoleptic qualities, a high nutritional value, and “a high intrinsic quality to highlight their authenticity” through respect for traditional recipes, as well as the search and selection of the best raw materials nearby, from small producers and season.

With these wickers, the cozy restaurant Da Cesare, winner of the Michelin dish, carries out a magnificent interpretation of Tuscan specialties and delicacies from the sea. Meat-based starters such as Tuscan stand out, a combination of finocchiona, salami, glass, and bacon from Cinta Senese; ham with mozzarella di bufala or bresaola with arugula and Grana cheese. And based on fish, such as the mixed carpaccio with crustaceans and Gillardeau oysters, the marinated anchovies from Cetara, or the smoked wild salmon.

As for the first courses, the fettuccine with Chianina meat ragout, the rigatoni with Chianina meat stew and Pecorino di fossa cheese, the barley and lentil soup, the spaghetti with wild thin clams or the homemade ravioli with salmon stand out. . The main ones include a grilled Friesian beef steak, a grilled tartar burger with truffle, a schnitzel in wine, a fried squid and Tyrrhenian drag shrimp, a baked white fish with potatoes or some squid meatballs.

Da Cesare

If we want a pizza, in the purest Roman style, we find from the most classic margarita or Neapolitan to that of Parma ham, the one with mushrooms or the smoked swordfish pizza. In De Cesare, games end with good desserts, all homemade, such as the ricotta cake with pears, the Tuscan cantuccini with a chocolate fondant with rum or the cream, chocolate or hazelnut ice cream.

Piazza Duomo is the dream of the Ceretto family and the interpretation of the cuisine of the Langue region by chef Enrico Crippa. A restaurant with three Michelin stars and a prominent position in the most important lists.

Italy RestaurantsItalian restaurants Spain

In Piedmont, in northwestern Italy, we find the pretty town of Alba. A small city of just over thirty thousand inhabitants known for being the cradle of Ferrero, the empire of chocolate sweets, for hosting an annual fair dedicated to white truffles, the “Fiera del Tartufo”, and for having in its streets one of the best Italian restaurants, Piazza Duomo.

It is an establishment that goes beyond the classicism inherited from the most classic gastronomy. A space that seeks personalization and differentiation. They say they are not a restaurant with eleven tables, but eleven different restaurants because the goal is to create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy something unique and provide the experience that they would like to live within those walls.

Piazza DuomoIt all started with the adventure of a family, the Cerettos, in search of perfection. They began the search with wine and more than a hundred and a half hectares of vineyards in the eighties. Viticulture was followed by contemporary architecture and art, becoming patrons of artists. And finally, the dream of making a great restaurant come true in Alba.

First, they found the location, a beautiful building overlooking the city’s Duomo square, and later the meeting of the right chef for a project of this magnitude began. The chosen one was Enrico Crippa.

Piazza Duomo

With the passion for the modern art of the Ceretto family present in the establishment, the Italian chef cooks the Langue region with unusual creativity, typical of a loose verse that knows very well what it is doing. With the great variety of excellent products made in this area of ​​northern Italy, from meats to nuts, from vegetables of all kinds to excellent fruits, a menu is carried out that takes advantage of them, is inspired by tradition, and is driven to surprise.

That is why the basis is traditional Italian cuisine, raw materials mostly grown within a radius of a few tens of kilometers, and Crippa’s personality. There is something palpable in the menu, with a good variety of sections and dishes that go to the specific, especially in the tasting menus.

Piazza Duomo

In the first place the longest, «Evasione e Territorio» , with eleven steps with dishes such as the attotno alla cipolla or the lattughe e Agnello ; Six-course “Le Langheoggi” with antipasto piemontese or a plin altre arrosti ; or “La Degustazione” , for nine, with the merluzzo alla portughesek or the calamari dish , patate, piselle e costo . The latter, in addition, can be extended for a supplement with two more dishes selected by the chef himself according to the season and the day.

The proposal is rounded off with a very extensive dessert section of the same good artistry and a winery according to the founding family’s past, with some of the best wines in the country to be tested by the glass or in the whole bottle.

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