Low calorie recipes.

 Quinoa Tabbouleh: The common tabbouleh is made with wheat, but as this is a functional recipe, the ingredient is replaced by quinoa, an ingredient rich in protein and can also help with weight loss. As a result, you will have a refreshing dish that at the same time has an incredible taste.

Green salad: if you want to prepare a green salad and at the same time get out of the ordinary, this recipe can be a good choice. Here, lettuce is combined with arugula, apricot, the heart of palm, chia, sesame, and some spices. With few ingredients and a simple step-by-step, you can get out of the routine without a lot of work.

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 Pancake without flour: this, in fact, is a fake pancake recipe, which is more like an omelet. Here, a combination of eggs and spinach is made to prepare the dough, and the filling is made with cheese and turkey breast, but to avoid falling into the routine, you can also vary and use other ingredients of your choice.

 Ratatouille light: ratatouille is not just the name of a film. It is also a dish of French origin that combines several vegetables. Besides, it can be served alone or even as an accompaniment to other dishes. Here, you can see a version with a low amount of calories but with an irresistible flavor.

Minced meat with pumpkin: if you are looking for a dish that is not full of calories but that sustains you and is tasty, this can be an excellent choice. That’s because the combination of ground beef and pumpkin is super nutritive and helps in the weight loss process. To improve, even more, the step-by-step is not at all complicated and can be followed even by those who do not have much experience in the kitchen.

Ceviche: how about learning a ceviche that is a little out of the ordinary? Here, sole – or other white fish – is combined with homemade coconut milk, pepper, cucumber, radish, lemon, coriander, chives, and sweet potatoes. Some ingredients may seem unusual, but if you like to innovate, be sure to try it!

 Chicken breaded with oatmeal: this is a recipe where you learn how to make chicken pieces breaded with oatmeal to make a green leafy salad tastier full-bodied. The list of ingredients is not extensive, and the step by step is not the most complicated. So it is a great choice for a light dinner and at the same time very tasty.

 Onion soup: if you think onion is a hot ingredient, know that this soup tastes very mild and, at the same time, tasty. The advantage of the recipe is that it is made with few ingredients, but its preparation time is not the shortest, as it takes approximately 1 hour.

 Pumpkin cream: another option with few calories and is delicious is this cream of pumpkin with ginger. The dish is made only with vegetables, carrots, cream cheese, vegetable broth, olive oil, and spices. Still, the taste may surprise you!

 Escondido light: a hiding place does not always have to be a plate full of calories and, for that, it is enough to make the right choice of ingredients. Here, the puree is made from the combination of potato and cauliflower, while a stew makes the filling.

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 Wholegrain pasta: in this recipe, you learn how to make whole grain spaghetti enhanced with tomatoes, basil, and buffalo mozzarella. The ingredients are few, and the preparation is straightforward, but the result is a dinner that can make anyone’s mouth water.

 Low carb panini: if you want a practical, light recipe that will be ready in just a few minutes, this low carb panini can go great with your next dinner. It is made only with egg, light curd, yeast, and salt. Besides, it does not go in the oven but in the microwave, making your time in the kitchen very short. Besides, to increase its flavor, you can use fillings, such as cheese and turkey breast, for example.

 In this light version of chicken fricassee, the white sauce is replaced by a cream of cauliflower. Besides, the tip is to use grated carrots instead of straw potatoes to cover the preparation. With simple substitutions, you can leave your plate with fewer calories but without losing flavor.

 Functional hamburger: if you think a hamburger is a necessarily caloric dish, you need to know this recipe! Here, the tip is to use lean meat, such as the duckling, for example. Besides, another suggestion is to use flaxseed flour and chia in the preparation of the meat. For assembly, use a loaf of wholemeal bread, lettuce, tomato, and light cream cheese.

 Lasagna: this vegetarian lasagna is stuffed with zucchini, tomatoes, onions, and spices. Besides, it still takes pesto sauce and cheese. Here, the secret lies in the proportion between pasta, filling, and sauce, making the result very satisfactory.

Cheese Rondelli: in this recipe, you learn how to make a Mondelli with pastry dough and stuffed with broccoli and ricotta. The dish may seem complicated to make at home, but in reality, it is not. It just takes a little patience to roll the dough, and everything is fine!

 Fig and gorgonzola bruschetta: if you want to get out of the ordinary with a delicious bruschetta for your next dinner, this recipe can be an excellent choice. Here, tomatoes and basil, traditional ingredients in the dish’s preparation, are left out and give way to figs and gorgonzola. Even with simple preparation and a shortlist of ingredients, you will have a sophisticated dish for your meal!

 Heart of palm gratin: how about preparing a dish with the heart of palm as the protagonist? Here, it is combined with a delicious sauce that has cream cheese as its main ingredient. All of this is taken to the oven for just a few minutes, and then your plate will be ready to be eaten.

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Salad in the shell: how about preparing a super-charming salad to surprise at your next dinner? Here, red cabbage leaves are used to form the baskets, which are stuffed with carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts. Besides, you also learn to make a sauce with jabuticaba jam, dijon mustard, lemon, olive oil, and salt.

 Pumpkin gnocchi: To make this gnocchi recipe at home, you first need to know the ideal type of pumpkin to use, the Japanese one, also known as cabotiá. As it does not release a lot of water, it is unnecessary to use a lot of wheat flour, which makes the dough lighter and the vegetable’s flavor.

 Yakisoba: fancy yakisoba is a great dish for dinner. And if you think that chopping vegetables is a very complicated task, you can look for packages with everything minced – this option exists in many markets out there! Besides, the sauce is made with mushrooms, and the pasta is fried, making all the difference in the final flavor of the dish.

 Bobó de shitake: bobó is a dish that is usually made with shrimp, but this version with shitake is to leave even the mouth-watering carnivores. The list of ingredients is extensive, but the step-by-step is not very difficult to follow at home.

 Spinach pancake: this, in addition to being a vegetarian recipe, is also gluten-free, this is because serracene wheat is used. If you don’t have an intolerance or allergy to gluten, you can use ordinary wheat flour anyway, okay? The spinach used in the pasta leaves the texture very smooth and still gives a special flavor to the dish.

 Ricotta conchiglie: conchiglie is that shell-shaped pasta, you know? Here, it is stuffed with spinach and ricotta, a combination that is a great success among the most varied palates. To further improve, the step-by-step is not at all complicated and can be carried out smoothly even by those who have no experience in the kitchen.

 Pinion meatball: have you ever thought of using pinion to prepare delicious meatballs? However, this recipe can only be made during the winter, when it is possible to harvest this ingredient. Even so, it is worth noting this option in your notebook because the result is sensational! The cookie is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

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