Discover 5 restaurants in the Eataly SP gastronomic complex in just one visit!

The gastronomic stronghold Eataly, in São Paulo, does not stop gaining new restaurants and bringing good news to its visitors. Thinking of the public that wants to know a little bit of everything about its cuisine, but often stay for a few days in the city or doubt which restaurant to go to, they created a traveling dinner – an experience in which the customer can visit five restaurants in the complex in one visit.

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The gastronomic stronghold Eataly, in São Paulo, does not stop gaining new restaurants and bringing good news to its visitors. Thinking of the public that wants to know a little bit of everything about its cuisine, but often spend a few days in the city or are not sure which restaurant to go to, they created a traveling dinner – an experience in which the customer can visit five restaurants in the city. Complex in one visit.

The traveling dinner works like this: you buy the “experience” over the internet (R$185 per person), arrive at Eataly, and collect your passport and the half bottle of wine included at the information desk. Once that’s done, choose the order of the restaurants and start the spree. Participants are Trattoria Italia, La Risotteria, La Carne, La Pasta, and the newly opened Mare Pesce & Vino.

When you arrive at the restaurant, present your passport, and they will soon serve you the participating dish, plus a glass to drink the wine. You can take your glass from one restaurant to another.

As we said, each visitor can start their gastronomic “tour” by the restaurant they prefer, but we recommend the following order:

1 – La Risotteria

It offers an incredibly tasty bruschetta with candied tomatoes, stracciatella di bufala – a very light cheese typical of Apulia (southeast Italy), black olives, and lots of oil.

Bruschetta by La Risotteria (Photo: Tina Bornstein)

2 – Trattoria Italia

The included dish is an octopus vinaigrette, with lots of peppers and toast.

Octopus Vinaigrette (Photo: Tina Bornstein)

3 – Mare Pesce & Vino

We have a story about the restaurant here. For the traveling dinner, the dish served is the frico di gamberi, a mixture of cassava, sweetened onion, and shrimp inside a cheese crust with pistachios on top. That unusual dish that we ask ourselves: how had we not eaten this before?!

Frico di gamberi (Photo: Tina Bornstein)

4 – La Carne

Offers a very soft skirt steak accompanied by tomatoes and creamy polenta. Very well served dish! Those who don’t eat red meat can ask to substitute a mushroom risotto.

La Carne Restaurant (Photo: Tina Bornstein)

5 – La Pasta

Offers a buffalo mozzarella ravioli with Pomodoro sauce. We know that, normally, the pasta would come before the meat – but believe me, you’ll be pretty satisfied when you get to the last dish, and if you leave the incredible meat for last, you probably won’t be able to take it!

La Pasta (Photo: Tina Bornstein)

The experience is offered from Monday to Wednesday, from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm. When we went, we did the entire tour at 2:30 am, very calmly, talking and enjoying each dish and restaurant. In other words, set aside your night for this and enjoy. One of the most pleasurable activities for those visiting São Paulo is to enjoy the city’s gastronomic circuit. More than 15 thousand restaurants are capable of pleasing and surprising every palate, not to mention the more than 20 thousand bars, always with good snacks and cold beer. The right question in São Paulo is not “where to eat?” but “what to eat?”. São Paulo welcomes visitors with various delicacies worthy of the best gastronomic circuits in the world. Upon arriving in town, you will receive several tips on the best pizza, the best ham sandwich, the best pastry in the fair, the best chef, the best parmigiana, the best coxinha, and even the best medium (coffee with milk) with bread in the plate. Good food is taken seriously there, and the simplest dish generates eternal discussions among São Paulo residents. The most important thing is to listen to all the advice and try as many delicacies as possible. That way, you’ll leave there with your list of must-see places in the city and be able to join the next discussion wheel.

To face São Paulo’s restaurants, you need to prepare your pocket. Orange juice can cost up to 10 reais, and it won’t be difficult to find that price on local menus. You will need to spend at least 150 reais for a more elegant dinner, but a good pastry with sugarcane juice is much cheaper. With ten reais, you will be happy, fed, and with a beautiful smile on your face. If you want to escape the high prices, look for bakeries that serve the famous PFs (made dishes). They usually have a varied menu and much friendlier prices. With 25 reais, you can taste a neat parmigiana (which can reach 100 reais). Your pocket will be the limit of the gastronomic adventure, but regardless of the price, eating in São Paulo is always a great pleasure.

Some visit the capital of São Paulo to try the menus of the most starred restaurants. The DOM, by chef Alex Atala, is a captive representative of Brazil among the best restaurants globally, but he is not the only one worth the investment. And we talk about investment because some of the finest local restaurants are also the most expensive. This is the case with the contemporary cuisine of Maní (for a lower price, try Manioca, also by chef Helena Rizzo), the meats of Figueira Rubayat, and the refined Italian menu of Fasano. To escape the exorbitant prices, but without losing quality and still try dishes from a great chef, it’s worth taking the trip to the north side to eat at Mocotó. The restaurant, run by Rodrigo Oliveira, offers a refined Northeastern regional menu without losing traditional flavors. The same goes for Attimo, in Moema, which features a menu inspired by Italian and rustic cuisine and offers executive menus at very affordable prices.

The huge offer of restaurants is capable of leaving any traveler lost. However, some strongholds have already become traditional and, for that reason, are unmissable. A must visit, not only for the climate but also for the good food, the Municipal Market does not disappoint. There, you can try the famous mortadella or ham sandwich, the cod pastry and, to top it off, walk through the corridors tasting various exotic fruits. The price is a little steep, and the sandwich costs 20 reais, the same price that can cost a special codfish cake. Another traditional spot to try the ham sandwich is the Estadão Bare Snacks or simply Snack bar in Estadão. Reputed to have the best ham in town, the snack bar in front of the big newspaper is sure to taste and quality. And for a typical Bauru, go to the almost centenary Ponto Chic.

Resisting a pastry at a fair is an almost impossible mission in São Paulo. And this is one of the points that generates more discussion among São Paulo. Some have more filling, and others gain in texture. But the champion is what appears in the hour of hunger. One of the most awarded in the city is the Pastel da Maria, typical of Bairro da Liberdade and Feira do Pacaembu. But some prefer Pastel KyotoPastelaria Yokoyama, or many other delicious pastries spread throughout the city of São Paulo. 

The debate surrounding Italian cuisine can also generate fights between groups of friends, especially when it comes to the best pizza and the best parmigiana. São Paulo has more than 4,500 pizzerias and is a great stronghold of the Italian community, making it practically impossible to define the best among them. So, follow the tradition, so you don’t go wrong! Good choices are SperanzaBrázMonte Verde, and Cantina Castelões, but you’ll certainly find other delicious pasta along the way.

For a good parmigiana, be sure to visit Famiglia Mancini, on the charming Rua Avanhadava, where other establishments in the same family nucleus make the customers happy. If you prefer to choose from many options, Bairro do Bixiga is full of typical Italian canteens. A real paradise for pasta lovers. Bringing together tradition, elegance, elaborate food, and a spectacular view, the Terraço Itália is a restaurant worthy of great celebrations. Although Italian restaurants are extremely popular in Sampa, there is always room for one more. The newest star in town is Eataly. Direct from NY to São Paulo, the gastronomic complex attracts a variety of products that can be consumed on-site or at home. A true paradise for fans of Italian cuisine. You need to be patient to face the constant queues at the site.

Grilled bread is also a passion among São Paulo residents, who have the habit of drinking coffee at the bakery before work. And they take this tradition very seriously! Be sure to sit at a counter and order the complete package: a very hot bread with plenty of butter and a not reheated medium. To taste this and other typical delicacies of the local paddocks, go to Bella Paulista and enjoy the preparation of coffee sitting at the counter. It’s going to be hard to resist the place’s snack window, so go on an empty stomach to make the most of it! If the idea is a more hip coffee, try KOF – King of the fork. Full of style, the space mixes bikes and delicacies. 

The Liberdade neighborhood is a paradise for those who want to experience various oriental traditions. Long ago, the neighborhood is no longer just Japanese and now houses representatives from various regions of Asia. You will be able to sample the cuisine of Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, and others. A star of the neighborhood, the Chinese restaurant Rong He offers a spectacle in the art of preparing pasta in addition to a menu with excellent prices. The show takes place live in the kitchen, and customers can see – and try to understand – how the house’s dough is made. Try Hinode , Sushi Lika, or Aska (if you feel like a good noodle). To get out of the ordinary, try the Korean Portal. And if you want to eat well and cheaply, the best is the gastronomic fair that takes place on weekends. Good to try different delights in the same place. In the end, it’s still worth visiting the specialized markets, where you can find all the typical ingredients.

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