Casa Coppelle, a union between Italy and France.

In the heart of the city of Rome, the Casa Coppelle restaurant combines the simplicity, immediacy, and succulence of the most traditional Roman cuisine with the refinement and technique of the best French haute cuisine.

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Just a few steps from the Pantheon of Agrippa, in the vicinity of the busy Montecitorio square, Casa Coppelle offers the intimacy and warmth of a restaurant where Italy and France go hand in hand. Through its peaceful environments, such as the portrait gallery, the bookstore, the herbalist, and its cocktail bar, a cuisine with a Mediterranean essence expresses itself sincerely at the hands of its creators, Omar and Rachelle Capparuccini.

He is the son of eternal Rome, an economist passionate about the tradition of Italian cuisine. And she frenches, from Lorena, with absolute devotion to cakes and great sensitivity. The two met in Milan in 2001, and since then, they have not stopped. After a first business experience in Abruzzo, in the center of the Italian peninsula, a few years later, they began a journey worldwide seeking to nourish themselves with knowledge.

Coppelle HouseHaving accumulated a great background and the conviction that they would express their strong personality in a culinary proposal, one that successfully combined their respective worlds, cultures, and motivations, they lit Casa Coppelle.

In a unique environment, designed in collaboration with a great contemporary French architect and interior designer, Jacques Garcia, they have materialized their union in collaboration with chef Emiliano Pascucci, with the execution of Fabio Rossi. A cuisine that has the simplicity and immediacy of the authentic Roman tradition, the liveliness of Italian gastronomy, and presents the refinement and technique of French haute cuisine.

Coppelle House

They are dishes such as the carpaccio di gamberi with emulsion di acqua di frutti di mare and pepite ghiacciate di passion fruit , the pasta tortelli di cacio e pepe su crema di cipolla rossa brasata with white wine and crispy guanciale , the jumeaux de boeuf braisé sur purée de Frites de terre aux olives or lasagnetta di astice with brunoise di zucchine and schiumata sauce allo zafferano .

Offered in the six-step tasting menu and a specific menu with around twenty proposals, including starters, main, and desserts.

Suppose an international personality comes to Rome, especially if he is dedicated to the world of interpretation. In that case, it is strange that he does not know the local cuisine at the hands of Antica Pesa, the restaurant of the Panella family.

Italy RestaurantsRome RestaurantsItalian restaurants Spain

Entering the famous Antica Pesa trattoria probably takes us back to traditional food houses in a good neighborhood. Those noble restaurants that hung on their walls pictures with photographs of personalities passing by their tables. Various artists, politicians, and famous people. Because in this Roman restaurant, the same thing is done, although with an unmistakable style of its own.

Located on Garibaldi street in the Trastevere neighborhood, the space does not forget its past. On that same road, back in the first century of our era, a customs post of the Papal States was located. A place where farmers went to pay the wheat taxes was established by the pope and where, thanks to the idea of ​​a tax collector, they could have a snack, bread, and wine.

Antica PesaThat simple tavern, designed to offer something to eat and drink to the farmers who came there, is the antecedent of Antica Pesa. The origin of space, now an essential visit for international actors and artists, finds its most recent and immediate germ in 1922, when the first of the four generations of the Panella family that have taken care of the space to date added a kitchen to the tavern, turning it into a real restaurant.

The photographs of well-known faces are fused with pictorial works by contemporary artists, just like this current interior design, with a certain classicist air, is combined with its careful and select traditional Roman cuisine, made with regional Lazio products and executed by chef Simone Panella.

Leonardo Cestari

These are starters such as polpo arrostito al pangrattato with broccoli, olive itrane and pomodori secchi its sauce di ricotta affumicata or piccolo hamburger di salsiccia di Monte San Biagio with steccata di Morolo and cicoria . First courses such as tartare di manzo and green mela scam with croccante bread and gocce di foie gras or carpaccio di baccalà marinato alla menta with zucca al forno and chips di aglio . Main like spaghetti alla chitarra alla carbonara or linguine with cozze e passatina di fagioli . And desserts like millefoglie with whipped cream, perle di cioccolato croccante e popcorn or tiramisù with matcha and pistacchio .

Antica Pesa

Antica Pesa rounds off its gastronomic experience with a select winery that is dominated by Italian wines selected by the establishment’s head and sommelier, Francesco Panella.

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