Best 5 restaurants you should visit in 2022.

We go to the Eternal City, to Rome, in search of restaurants that surprise us. Five renowned food houses, more media and less, discover the local cuisine and the good work of Roman chefs.

Italy RestaurantsRome Restaurants

Italy is not only pizza and pasta. Its cuisine, Mediterranean, is much more diverse than the national dishes par excellence, and these five restaurants that a traveler should not miss on a trip to Rome are a good example of this. Because the Eternal City houses haute cuisine dining rooms that will make us rediscover Italian cuisine and food houses where tradition prevails with unexpected doses of refinement.

Without further ado or introductions, we put on some good shoes, put on our best clothes, and set out on a tour of beautiful Rome in search of these outstanding tables. Past and present. Bites from here and there. Good eating and good appetite!

Antica Pesa

Antica PesaThe Antica Pesa restaurant seems to be the wild card of the most renowned international and national interpreters. In this house of the Panella family, with tradition, celebrities from here and there find tables where they can taste the local cuisine with style, tranquility, and succulence. The place to enjoy life and Rome. A good example of this is the photographs that adorn various walls of the room, in which celluloid faces pose happily on the tables in the space. Careful and select traditional Roman cuisine with just the right doses of innovation. The winery is also worth it.

Coppelle House

Coppelle House

Casa Coppelle is a diplomatic post in the heart of the Italian city where Italy and France shake hands through good food. It is the union of the simplicity, immediacy, and succulence of local cuisine with the technique and refinement of French cuisine, the one that established the country as a gastronomic mecca. And it is also another union, loving in this case. That of its two architects, Omar and Rachelle Capparuccini. The gastronomic proposal is the work of chef Emiliano Pascucci although, daily, Fabio Rossi works in the kitchen.


massage bi-star chef is in charge of directing the designs of the restaurant of the Roman hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, Andrea Migliaccio. Together with Claudio Mengoni, who is at the helm of the kitchen daily, both chefs articulate a culinary proposal of clear Mediterranean inspiration in which creativity stands out. They are dishes such as the veal cheeks with artichokes, horseradish, paprika, parsley sauce, pumpkin risotto with pork belly, balsamic vinegar, or the paccheri with lobster.

Da Cesare

Da Cesare

In the heart of Rome, the Da Cesare restaurant aims to make the diner travel without leaving the table. Through dishes, flavors, and evocations, he transports us to Tuscany, the base of his cuisine. The specialties of this region are joined by other Italian classics from other parts of the country. With more than half a century of history, the secret of its longevity has to do with the quality of its ingredients, the authenticity of the flavors they offer, and the warmth with which they treat the diner. The tradition of eating in this restaurant has passed from father to son.

Per me

Per me

Per Me is Giulio Terrinoni’s restaurant, a nice summary of the professional and personal experiences of the chef. A review of his career, his wishes, and desires that since November 2015 has had a Michelin star. In the living room of this house, one attends the full display of creative cuisine and a constant search for the essential flavors. It is a conglomerate of creativity, art, tradition, and internationality. An effective and pure mix. Its great specialty, the fish dishes, adds great meat elaborations and a proposal based on dishes.

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