Where to eat at Epcot?

Epcot is, without a doubt, Orlando’s best park to eat. They made good use of the World Showcase offers, where the pavilions of each country are located, but Future World is not bad either.

It’s pretty easy to eat well at Epcot: avoid Starbucks and a few other restaurants! There, you are done. But having so many good offers can also cause some confusion and make choosing difficult. What is best for you? What is it worth? What is pierced? Which restaurant will my whole family enjoy?

To help you answer these questions, we’re going to continue with our food guides for each park, today explaining more about Epcot options. I hope it helps you experience some of the best that this park has to offer! And for that, it’s always good to remember some basic concepts.

A little bit of Morocco at Epcot!

  • Quick Service: it’s the counter service restaurants, good old “fast food,” which doesn’t just mean cheeseburgers and pizza. Some have a “food court” to sit and eat, others you have to find somewhere or a wall to accommodate yourself.
  • Table Service: restaurants with table service, waiter and everything else. There are three types of Table Service restaurants:
    • A la carte: You receive the menu at the table, order what you want, and pay accordingly.
    • Buffet: where you pay a fixed amount to eat at a buffet. Disney buffets now include most drinks as well.
    • Family Style: or “family style,” which is how we eat at home. Several containers with food are placed on the table, and you can eat at will. If you want more of any item, ask the waiter. These restaurants also have a fixed price, and at Disney, this value already includes the consumption of most drinks.
  • Character Dining:  Some Disney Table Service restaurants feature the prominent presence of characters to interact with visitors, and we will identify them here.

Once these concepts are clarified, one more thing remains. In order not to get the same things all the time, each restaurant can be accompanied by one of the following icons that mean:

= VPDic. It means that this is one of the most recommended restaurants within the park. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like others, but they are more special for us, the ones we think are most worthwhile.

= seasonal. Some tasty restaurants only open in the high season to better distribute the lines among the different food outlets. When this is the case, we will indicate it with this symbol.

 accept the Mobile Order, which is the food order by cell phone. We explain how to use this function here.

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Everything understood? So let’s start. Since Epcot has a LOT of food options, I promise I’ll try to be very to the point in all of them, okay?

Finding characters in restaurants is always a delight: you don’t queue up. You have more time and receive a lot more attention.

Restaurants with characters at Epcot

garden grill

Location: Future World

Menu in Portuguese: click here

I love this restaurant. In addition to classic characters like Mickey, Pluto Tico, and Teco, the food is wonderful in the family-style style. All done most freshly, using all the inputs from Living with the Land’s greenhouses. All this for lunch and dinner, okay? Although I serve breakfast with these same characters, I only recommend lunch and dinner at the Garden Grill.

Unlike the vast majority with Disney character coffee, this one is heavy, oily, and not worth much. In short: this is one of Epcot’s best options for lunch and dinner and one of the worst for coffee. To see our review of all meals at this restaurant, click here

Food from the Garden Grill! Delicious!


Location: Norway Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

This restaurant has two attractions, each appealing to a very different audience. First of all, it brings the presence of the princesses, making it an excellent alternative for those who couldn’t schedule Cinderella’s Royal Table. Another differential is the Norwegian-influenced food, which is of great interest to a very specific audience. The hard part is, almost always, whoever is interested in food doesn’t care about the princesses, and whoever arranges the meal for the princesses doesn’t enjoy the food as much.

They even have more democratic options, especially for children, but my suggestion for those who don’t want to know the restaurant but are on the back foot concerning food is to visit it for breakfast. This is the most “normal” meal.

At Akershus, the princesses parade the children several times during their meal.

Table Service Restaurants at Epcot (no characters)

Coral Reef Restaurant

Location: Future World

Menu in Portuguese: click here

First of all, it’s a beautiful restaurant with a super view of the aquarium on the lounge walls. Guaranteed distraction for children. And as the name and environment already indicate, it is a restaurant focused on fish and seafood. He is considered very good, but I think he is overrated. I know I’m suspicious because I’m not too fond of fish, but everyone I know who ate there didn’t think it was too much and spent a lot of money. You can meet to draw your conclusions but go at your own risk. And then tell me what you think, okay? 

Le Cellier

Location: Canada Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

One of my favorites within Epcot and all of Disney! Everything is wonderful: the loaves of bread that are served as soon as you arrive, the cheddar soup on the starter menu, the incredible meats, all the accompaniments, and, finally, the maple crème brûlée. It’s expensive, but it’s amazing from start to finish. Read more about Le Cellier here  or in the video below:

Nine Dragons

Location: China Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

The Chinese pavilion’s table service restaurant has a very diverse menu, always with a strong influence of local culture. There’s the chicken, duck, yaki soba, shrimp, fish… in other words, and you can find something that everyone likes there. Although it’s not bad, I find the fast food and cheap restaurant in this pavilion much tastier than Nine Dragons, so I don’t recommend it very much. 

France Chefs

Location: Pavilion of France (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

It is the cheapest table service restaurant in the French pavilion. It’s tasty and one of the most democratic at Epcot. It’s hard to go wrong in a French or Italian restaurant. There’s always something everyone likes. Despite being very tasty, I don’t think it’s one of the most spectacular at Epcot. If you want something that will appeal to everyone, the restaurants in the Italian pavilion are nicer, at least for my taste. In my opinion, chefs de France is worth a second, third, or fourth visit to Epcot. For the first, others are more worthwhile. Read more about Chefs de France here.

Pasta with cheese from Chefs de France

Monsieur Paul

Location: Pavilion of France (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

It is the restaurant on the top floor of the pavilion in France and one of the most sophisticated at Disney, at least within parks. It has a beautiful view of the fireworks and a very elegant menu. It is a more reserved option for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the parks.

It’s much quieter than other Disney restaurants, and the food is of excellent quality. Here you can enter with two certainties: that you will eat well and that the bill will be expensive. To learn more about our experience there, click here.

Biergarten Restaurant

Location: Germany Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

It is a buffet restaurant in the German pavilion full of local options. Lots of sausage, lots of apple strudel, and lots of beer. All of this also comes with musical performances to entertain you while you eat. It may not be the food that will change your life, but it can be a lot of fun! Those who like German food like it a lot, but I think it’s just okay. It’s not bad, but it’s far from being among the best in this park.

Tutto Italia’s amazing pasta.

Tutto Italia Ristorante

Location: Pavilion of Italy (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

Democratic, hearty, fair price, and delicious. My opinion is heavily influenced by my love of Italian cuisine, but who doesn’t love Italian food. This is one of the few restaurants in the US that I call REAL Italian, none of that Americanized Italian. Here it’s serious, fresh pasta, excellent sauce and everything else. Read more about this restaurant here.

As soon as Tutto Italia opened at Alfredo di Roma’s place, it skidded a bit, but it has already nailed it many years ago and is one of the most popular restaurants in the World Showcase. Good thing it’s big, so it’s not that hard to get a reservation.

Another one from Tutto Italia.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

Location: Pavilion of Italy (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

If by chance, you can’t get a table at Tutto Italia or if you’re just in the mood for a few snacks with a good wine, the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is a great choice. A wine bar is almost hidden inside the pavilion that still serves Tutto Italia dishes if you want. Even if you want to order something from Tutto Italia, try at least some of their appetizers and wines if you go to Tutto Gusto. It’s so worth it! Canolli is also one of my favorites! Read more about Tutto Gusto here

Some snacking options at Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar.

Via Napoli Ristorante and Pizzeria

Location: Pavilion of Italy (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

Traditional Italian pizzeria inside Epcot. For me, it’s the best place to get a real nice pizza in Orlando. Pasta and starters aren’t bad either, okay? There’s a lot of good stuff there. And for those worried about price or time, they even have a very affordable fast-food window so you can pick up pizza. Click here to learn more about Via Napoli.

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