The best restaurants in Italy.


Location: Germany Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

It is almost hidden in the back of the German pavilion, and many people pass by this restaurant. It’s simple, and nowadays, it’s dull. I liked him a lot more in the past, so I don’t recommend it much. Anyway, if you have a small child, you might be interested to know that they sell macaroni and cheese au gratin there.

Kabuki Cafe

Location: Japan Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

A kiosk with quick and healthy options for those who enjoy Japanese food. There are things like sushi platters and edamame. And you thought that everything in the US was greasy, huh?

There you can also order Kakigori, which is like a Japanese slushie. My sister loves it! 

Sushi tray for those who love Japanese food.

Katsura Grill

Location: Japan Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

Japanese fast food restaurant located in a beautiful part of the pavilion. It serves some of the specific things, both hot and cold dishes. You can find everything from sushi to meat/chicken and teriyaki fish, miso, and some other dishes that I don’t dare decipher for you.

La Cantina de San Angel

Location: Mexico Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

Quick service Mexican restaurant that I particularly love. The taco is very different from what we are used to here: the dough is soft and not that crunchy tortilla we eat here. Still, it’s all very good. There is also a version of rice and beans that can be your solution for children who miss home food (it’s not the same thing, but it helps, right?). The cheese empanada is delicious, and you can call it a pastry for your kids if you like. It’s much like a pastel. The nachos there are yummy too. The churros…well, you can see that I like it there, right?

Wonderful nachos!

Pizza al Taglio

Location: Pavilion of Italy (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: Unavailable

This is an option for those who want to eat pizza without spending a lot and wasting a lot of time. It’s a window next to Via Napoli, the incredible table service restaurant I mentioned above, and it sells sliced ​​pizzas, wines, and beer. It is worth mentioning that the pizza is not the same as Via Napoli, okay? It is a thicker dough that is a little different from the Via Napoli pizza style. Ah, it only opens seasonally on the busiest days.

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

Location: Norway Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

An option that nobody gives anything but is surprised. Besides the wonderful sweets, there are some nice sandwiches. I don’t like the habit of putting anise on a lot of things, and I wouldn’t say I like aniseed and school bread. For example, I was spoiled by the presence of this ingredient. Once I was doing Drinking Around the World, I almost had a reversal with an aniseed drink I had there.

Still, some love it, and Felipe himself likes it a lot. What doesn’t have aniseed is very good.


Some of the different sandwiches at the Norwegian pavilion.

Tangierine Cafe

Location: Pavilion of Morocco (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

Another option, now faster and cheaper, for those who enjoy different foods. I like the things there, and as I love lamb, the lamb wrap is the right choice for me. But I know that not everyone likes these things.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Location: UK Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

I was unsure whether to put this place as snacks or quick service, but fried fish with chips serves as a meal. Well, I think so I put it here. This kiosk that sits in the UK pavilion serves this typical combination that is most successful in American lands. Although many people complain that the fish comes oily, this kiosk is always full.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Location: United States Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

Fast food restaurant at the US Pavilion specializes in American barbecue dishes (sausage, pork, ribs) and craft beers.

Epcot snacks & tasty snacks

If Epcot has this many restaurants, imagine the number of snacks then, right? Here I’m going to focus on the things that I think are worth mentioning either because they’re great or terrible. After all, I don’t want you to read all this and still fall into a hole, so I highlighted what’s good and what’s not worth it, okay?

Joy of Tea

Location: China Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

It’s not my style, but it’s a kiosk that, in addition to a few different drinks, also serves some very Chinese snacks that go beyond spring rolls. If you are a fan of this cuisine, it may be worth the visit.

Karamell-Küche store

Location: Germany Pavilion (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: Not Available

Delicious store specializing in Werther’s caramels. There’s everything caramel there, and the sweets are better than the other. No wonder she earned a spot on our Disney Top 10 Candy list. Worth too much!!

Cheesecake with caramel from Germany. Everything there is a bane

Crepes de Chefs de France

Location: Pavilion of France (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

A disappointment, in my opinion. You see a crepe kiosk, and you think “yah!” but these crepes are pretty boring. They even had one or the other nicer in the past, but the ones served today are very well without filling, without coverage, without flavor… it’s not my style.

Not only are all the crepes I’ve ever eaten in France superior to this one, but even the crepe franchise that’s in the mall near my home or at the airport is more interesting than the ones sold at this kiosk. 

L’Artisan des Glaces

Location: Pavilion of France (World Showcase)

Menu in Portuguese: click here

Disney’s Best Ice Cream Shop. The classic ice creams with the Mickey sink that you eat at Magic Kingdom are tasty, but in terms of quality, L’Artisan des Glaces is the champion in the parks. The ice creams are delicious, super creamy, and they still invent some cool things. Want an example? A frozen macaroon sandwich with ice cream or, better yet, a hot brioche sandwich with ice cream and frosting inside. Delicious. It was for these and others that this ice cream parlor entered our Top 10 Disney Sweets.

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